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   My name is Joe DeFilippi, and I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  I am a proud parent of 3 boys and a lovely wife.

    My hobbies include breaking bricks, weight-lifting, hunting, teaching kids martial arts, and speed brick breaking.

    I am 6'2", 300 lbs and have been on shows such as FOX 2 News in Detroit, America's Got Talent and traveled to Italy to perform on the live Italian TV show called "Guinness Book of Records", and the German show called "The Autumn Festival of Folk Music".  Please see my videos. 

     Other functions I've participated in include Speed Brick Breaking demonstrations for fundraisers, charities, various venues, and opening shows for concerts.

    My previous job roles include an electrician apprentice, maintenance staff, security services for night clubs, and personal protection.

Publications and Events
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The Autumn Festival of Folk Music (Scroll downwards) - October 2010
Stars and Strips Festival - July 2010
Smago (German Online Magazine) - October 2010

The Macomb Daily - News Years Eve - December 2008
Spirit of Detroit - October 2007

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                                     N.A.A.M.A. Karate

                            Detroit Bodybuilding Club Nutrition Center

                     Kils USA Martial Arts

Little Kiran and Joe